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Sketchbook 2015


A collection of sketches, drawings, thoughts, and daily life of a sketch-blogger.

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Website Crash


Well, it happened. I was having a nice cafe session with my laptop, making a small update to the website (an attempt to edit the scrollbars for Windows browsers - something I've neglected). The caf�'s internet connection ["successfully"] uploaded blank files. Anyhow, I had only given this update to the most important pages, therefore realizing that I had just wiped my website from the face of the Internet.

Luckily, I'm not so bad at backing up my work. Although, the amount of changes I had made recently was enough to have needed to spend another week re-working my last backups. Lesson : back up the files after EVERY session. It's not a waste of time. But I don't have to mention that. I'm sure most people know this story.

More specifically, I had really wanted to dig out some old sketch concepts to work on that I had started the year before, which turned instead into more coding sessions ( which have become addicting for me ).

Sketchbook Entry


Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2015
テ》has / Joy ( king ), pencil sketch.
Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2015
skeleton / flowers, pencil sketch.

With the coming of Spring from the gray frozen winter, my inspirational aspiration this season is joy.

Desolate Sign

2015.04.25 - Photo Inspiration

Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2015
rain falls amidst a desolate sign standing beside the highway in the Montreal / Laval industrial park

I guess it was the sad day following the death of our cat, Jaja, after she jumped from the balcony of our apartment (suicide?). It was so unexpected and definitely shocking. Although she was a cat, the impression dawned on me just as horrifically:

I hadn't seen her when I neared the balcony ( thinking she hopped down from the tree or safely some other way; worrying how I would retrieve her from the ground ) only to discover, peering over the final side-railing, a lifeless body sprawled on the pavement. That familiar form, the familiar colours, that had somehow gone all wrong through its familiarity. A dead body is something you never equate to someone or something. At least I hadn't. Even though she was a cat, the tragedy still clings to me. Rest in peace, Jaja.

Schedule Planning


Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2015
working out my basic weekly schedule outline at work.

I'm getting around to working out the visualization of my ideal week, incorporating my current schedule.

Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2015
snapshots of my promo-ad sketches
Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2015
working out layout options for a bionic hand promo
Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2015
working out layout options for a bionic hand promo

Pen Shelter


Leaving our belongings behind, may they be the various dreaded cell-phone / smart-phone crises, or maybe a favourite pen, can be strenuous on everyone. But nowhere have I seen the unexpected demonstration of care in this one make-shift pen shelter, to comfort a lost pen that has lost its owner in a company washroom. It brought a smile to my face to see all the support left for the pen ( probably by using its own ink... ) to write messages of support behind it.

Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2015
Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2015
Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2015

Cafe Sketches

2015.05.09 - Sketchbook

Montreal is great for having a variety of choices when it comes to cafe environments. Still, it can be difficult sometimes to find a good atmosphere that will allow some time and space to sketch or draw. Although sketching or drawing can be done in most places, I'm always on the search for a place that is in tune as a creative space. Besides that, this place has tons of character on its own and it made for a great (humid) afternoon sketching (before the eventual downpour).

Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2015
a wooden table and floral wallpaper to set the mood
Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2015
a figure emerges from the white space as I am immersed in coffee.
Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2015
ink pens and a sketch in progress
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