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Sketchbook 2017


A collection of sketches, drawings, thoughts, and daily life of a sketch-blogger.

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Motel Escape > Day II


Mist over the mountain. Mont Sainte-Hilaire, QC. 2017.

The next day was grey, as I knew it was going to be. But it wasn't so bad seeing how the mountain handled the weather. Today is the first day of my motel art retreat!

Makeshift motel-bed drawing table. Mont Sainte-Hilaire, QC. 2017.

The freedom of space, I opened all of the sketchbooks I had began during the year and put on some background music. I switched from book to book to complete the sketches I had begun previously. There was an initial concern for the bed, but no sheets came to harm during the process...

Dantattica (sketch detail). Mont Sainte-Hilaire, QC. 2017.
Dantattica (sketch detail). Mont Sainte-Hilaire, QC. 2017.
Dantattica (sketch detail). Mont Sainte-Hilaire, QC. 2017.
Dantattica (sketch detail). Mont Sainte-Hilaire, QC. 2017.

Motel Escape


For this long weekend, I had planned to go camping a final time before the fall, but found that the weekend would be rain-filling (as was the trend this summer). Instead, I thought that it might be a good idea to have a personal art-retreat outside of Montreal, in the town of Mont Sainte-Hilaire.

Motel Escape > Unpacking. Mont Sainte-Hilaire, QC. 2017.
Motel Escape > Moving in. Mont Sainte-Hilaire, QC. 2017.

I began to unpack and was surprised by a small plush sheep staring back up at me. I had placed the stuffed animal in the bag when I realized a significant gap that would cause the contents of the bag to shift, and forgot about having done this.

Motel Escape > Decor. Mont Sainte-Hilaire, QC. 2017.
Motel Escape > Charming Grafitti. Mont Sainte-Hilaire, QC. 2017.
Motel Escape > Getting Cozy. Mont Sainte-Hilaire, QC. 2017.

Leaving the motel, I began to walk past the mountain, looking up as a murder of crows burst from its side, while my shifting angle revealed a bright moon.

Motel Escape > Moon & Crows. Mont Sainte-Hilaire, QC. 2017.

Sketching on the Grass


Taking in the chance to sketch outdoors... under the shade of a tree... on the grass... oh precious time.

Hands ( sketch ). Montreal, QC. 2017.

Solar Eclipse


Without filter, except for the lone cloud passing at the perfect time, within 10 minutes of maximum lunar-coverage. Much appreciated...

Solar Eclipse. Montreal, QC. 2017.

Trail to River


A wall of clouds shifted sudden coolness on us as we sat in the grass at the foot of Mount-Royal. We braved to sit a while as the cold wall towered high above, shadowing the clouds below.

Trail to River at the foot of Mont-Royal, Montreal, QC. 2017.

Darkness on the horizon broke to light but brought the first wave of rainfall that would turn into full watery sheets. We took cover in the trees, under the cover of a small black umbrella and the leaves above, as the trail around us turned to small streams.

Rainbow, Montreal, QC. 2017.

Sketchbook Session at Hoche Café


After last night, I revisited Promenade Ontario, and settled into Hoche Café for a latté and banana bread, and began my first drawing session since my trip to Fundy National Park.

Sketchbook Hoche Café, Hochelaga, Montreal, QC. 2017.
Drawing session at Hoche Café, Montreal, QC. 2017.

Moonlit Concert


It had been [ another ] short rainfall as we headed back out. It was enough to sit and have a small espresso before heading back out. We entered the stone underpass beneath the tracks that marked the beginning of Promenade Ontario, and I started getting really excited (from the caffeine..).

Promenade Ontario, Hochelaga, Montreal, QC. 2017.

Distant music sounded ahead of us as we travelled on. We happened upon a moonlit concert staged in the square on Promenade Ontario. A stage was set on one end of the street, while the residents danced in the middle to Haitian-style music. They all seemed to follow the same steps, and as we approached, we noticed the signer of the band amongst the crowd, showing them the steps as he sang.

Moonlit Concert Promenade Ontario, Hochelaga, Montreal, QC. 2017.

After a couple songs, and jokes about the French language, we toured the back of the event; a decorated space, featuring a teepee (not sure why), and lights.

Mural Promenade Ontario, Hochelaga, Montreal, QC. 2017.

The murals of Hochelaga/Promenade Ontario take on different characters in the dark. This one was found in the back of a burger restaurant (one of many in Hochelaga), after eating.

Happy Monday!


Kitty doesn't know the meaning of Monday 2017.

Apparently, Kitty does not know the meaning of Monday. I'm not sure how she got this, but I don't see a care on her kitty-face.

Mural at Kahwa Café. Mont-Royal, Montreal, QC. 2017.
Wild Plants. Parc LaFontaine, Montreal, QC. 2017.

Around the lake of Parc LaFontaine, overgrown mid-summer with wild flowers. Burdock spheres and wide-faced leaves amid twisting vines and forgotten blossoms.

Bridge Lights. Jacques-Cartier Bridge, Montreal, QC. 2017.
Dark Wall. 2017
Twig Sketch. 2017

Fundy Coastal Trail


Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2017
Roots Rocks Moss, Coastal-Trail-East, Fundy National Park, New Brunswick. 2017

Alma Between the Mists


Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2017
Misty Sunset over Salmon River, Alma, New Brunswick. 2017

Herring Cove Beach


Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2017
Self-Portrait, Herring Cove Beach, Fundy National Park, New-Brunswick. 2017

Lac Témiscouata


Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2017
Evening on Lake Témiscouata, Québec. 2017

I remember finding this place so beautiful when we arrived. It was evening and we checked into our small room on the top of the hill, overlooking the lake. The beauty of calm. I felt the sense of being in a different environment.

Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2017
My violin open on the motel bed before sitting across from the lake.

I sat on the veranda overlooking the lake with my violin and played softly to myself as the sun went down.

Aisling - art Jeremiah LeBlanc 2017
Overlooking Lac Témiscouata.
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